Trident has established current and past performance in the following: 

  • Army EAGLE Contract Trident is an approved small business contractor qualified to team on any EAGLE small and large business opportunity.
  • Small business concern
  • Security
  • Network installation
  • Warehouse management for NSA  in Bahrain under subcontract to GENCO Infrastructure.
  • MHE Leasing and maintenance
  • DRMO operations- Trident operates the DRMO yard in Djibouti and has past performance in the storage and disposal of government property under DLA Contract in Qatar.
  • Lease and maintenance of photocopiers- Trident leases and maintains Multi-Function Devices for DLA Document services worldwide including Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, Japan, Egypt, Belgium, and Bahrain. Contract services include network support.
  • Solid waste removal
  • Minor construction and design
  • General Procurement- Trident performs general procurement for Prime Contractors


Partial list of current and past fulfilled awarded contracts


Contract Number Title, Scope  Amount
60-5002 Disposal of Excess Property Djibouti $4,500,000
A0004666 Disposal of Excess Property Italy $1,400,000
SP7000-15-C-0007 Lease of Multifunction Copiers Germany $9,500,000
SP7000-14-F-0114 Lease of Multifuction Copiers Benalux $1,200,000
SP7000-14-M-0009 Lease of Multifuction Copiers Qatar $6,500,000
SP700012C0016 Lease of Multifuction Copiers Spain $5,300,000
SP7000-14-Q-0014 Lease of Multifuction Copiers Turkey $4,700,000
SP7000-15-Q-0017 Lease of Multifuction Copiers Italy $1,800,000
W52P1J11D009 Lease of Vehicles Kuwait, IDIQ 5 Years awarded Sept 2011 $30,000,000
W91B4N-09-A-0015 Network Supplies Afganistán, 4 year BPA $ 15,000,000
N/A Internet Service Various camps Afghanistan $2,500,000 est.
SP4420-07-D-0006 Storage and Sale of Gov Property Qatar (DLA Contract) $3,800,000
8TCAKU0157S Lease and Maintenance NTV’s Trucks Throughtout Iraq, ITT $1,200,000
CT-0028-10 Demil and disposal of US Gov. Assets in Oman and Qatar $3,200,000
PT – 1050-06 Design/Build industrial blast facility, Thumrait base, Oman $1,200,000
SDZ-OEF-10-076 Build and operate supply facilities Tallil, Speicher, Al Asad $2,350,000
SA4705-10-F-0009 Copier Contract – Lajes Portugal, DAPS $110,406.00
SA4705-10-F-0108 Copier Contract – Spain, Qatar, Kuwait DAPS $4,641,760.00
W91GXE-09-P-0299 Copier Contract – Tallil, Iraq $105,834.00
W912D1-04-A-0031 Consolidated copier contract, ASG Kuwait  $5,000,000.00
W912D1-04-P-0727 Roll up Door Repair, Metal work, Electrical, Mechanical, Fabrication  $   152,000.00
W912D1-04-C-0032 High Pressure Washers supply, repair, maintenance  $   500,000.00
W912D1-05-P-0085 Overhead Crane Overhaul and Repair, AMC, Camp Arifjan  $     19,900.00
W912D1-05-P-0084 Warehouse and Material Handling construction, Camp Arifjan  $   106,000.00
W912D1-050P-0671 Warehouse and Material Handling construction, Camp Buehring  $     24,990.00
CB.NSE.461 Consolidated copier contract, British Forces Iraq  $1,346,400.00
W912D1-05-C-0020 Dell computers, Cisco switches, Computer Equipment, KNB  $   191,172.00
ITT Industries Heavy Shop Equipment, Tools, Various, Kuwait  $   312,000.00